Our volunteers work hard to ensure you have a great experience while on our trails this season. Please be mindful of our landowners and keep within the staked trails. Don't leave garbage on the trails. Be considerate to the natural fixtures of the trail system. Landowners are the key to our trail system, lets give them the respect they deserve. Have great times this season on the Cartwright Dyno's trail system.

rod Haines

Current Club President and treasurer. He ensures we know where we stand and keeps track of the inner workings of the club. Also helps out with groomer maintenance, and trail brushing. Send him an email from the site for any further information.


the cartwright dynos snomobile club needs more volunteers . email the club to help out.  we have a small group of dedicated voluteers but it is not enough. please consider helping out in the seasons ahead.



Since those first meetings back in 1975 and continuing today, the Cartwright Dyno's Snowmobile Club core values remain steady. The club remains small but mighty. We have 2 groomers to handle our over 100km of trails. Our trail network covers the areas of Blackstock, Nestleton, Cadmus, Yelverton, Janetville, Manvers and out to Bethany in the east. As we approach our 40th year, we hope to continue serving the snowmobile community in our area and anyone from around this great province that uses the Cartwright Dyno's Trail System.

our executive

Snowmobile club




The trail "guru" of the Cartwright Dyno's. Charlie works to set up brushing days, signage days. Ensures all our trails are in O.F.S.C. compliance for signage. He is an integral part to our club operations. He is also an avid snowmobiler and motorcyclist.


The origins of the Cartwright Dyno's Snowmobile club began December 5, 1975. A group of local snowmobilers from Nestleton began the ground work on forming a club. On December 14, 1975 there was a meeting held at the Nestleton Hall. Around 50 people attended this meeting and the first Cartwright Dyno's executive were elected.


Jamie is one of our groomer co-ordinators and one of our regular groomer operators. Jamie puts in a lot of time on trail preparation with Charlie and pretty much is fully involved in the fall, winter and spring trail maintenance and grooming.

Way Back WHEN.....

  • Meet new people
  • Give back to your community
  • Get fresh air and exercise
  • Make lasting friendships
  • Learn new skills
  • Train to drive a groomer
  • See winter from another side
  • Challenge yourself
  • A little time goes a long way

Hello Sledders,
NEW BLOOD, NEW BLOOD...Now that we have your attention, the current group of volunteers running the day to day operations of CDSC have been with the club between 10 and 15 years. Some of our groomer operators have been longer. CDSC is looking for people who would like to volunteer to transition into most positions over the next year or so. Training and support will be provided to ensure the slow transition is comfortable for new volunteers. For anyone who is interested, please email the club at Cartwrightdynos@gmail.com
Email the club for a listing of what positions need to be filled and also to get an idea of what those positions require.
Yes, it is a commitment; however many hands make light work.
Without people willing to step up, there will be no trails to ride on.

Grooming equipment:

  • 1999 T110 New Holland Tractor outfitted for grooming and a long drag.
  • 2004 T110 New Holland Tractor outfitted for grooming and a short drag.

brushing equipment:

  • We have a large selection of brushing and signing equipment.  
  • Our  side by side enables us to brush and sign the trails every season. 

About our Club